Acrylic on Archival Polyester Film

Artwork Dimension 

11"x14" in

22.8 x 30.5 cm


16 x 20 in

41 x 52 1/2 cm

Framed with double mat, in a metal frame, with a brushed pewter finish, inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the 1900s. and Gallery Non Glare Acrylite.

Signed on back and front of mat.

Ready to hang


Staged photos are for reference only and are not to scale.

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From Within


    Catharsis Series 

    At the beginning of the pandemic of Covid19, as a creative, I entered a period of shock and uncertainty…

    While having to deal with the prospect of losing my art studio and the idea of working from home, in an apartment in New York City; I entered a creative block.

    I believe all creatives experience that at some point in their careers. Personally, this is not the first time. They usually last a short period of time and they haven't impacted me  in such a raw and memorable way like this one.

    I felt lost. I was in fear… 

    As artists, we spend many hours in our studios. We are familiar with the concept of isolation. But at the same time, we also fuel our creativity in our outings away from the studio and by experiencing life and our surroundings to the fullest.

    I was paralyzed…

    One day, out of the blue, I was perusing underwater photography… The colors! The vibrancy! The beauty…


    My mind was flooded with colors and textures. But mostly… My heart was pounding hard, ready to explode with the necessity to express myself. I was ready to tell the world that I was alive and full of energy, love, plans and so much to do and say...  I was bursting with creativity and realizing that all that time, everything was just there, it was always there…

    And that is how “Catharsis” started…

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