Oil and Sand on Canvas

Artwork Dimension 

48"x60" in

122x 152.4 cm


Staged photos are for reference only and are not to scale.

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It Continues

  • Windows Series

    Our life could be seen through windows. Different planes framing the continuous changes in our soul and relationships between each other and our surroundings.

    There are different ways of viewing ourselves, either from the inside or the outside, we go through them and they through us.

    I frame moments in a quest to hold them in time, but we can't hold what is not tangible. An open window, like an open mind, gives us flexibility and capacity to accept changes and flow with them into an ever changing world.

    Life passes by us and we pass through it...

    We feel, we dream, we lose, we conquer, we grow—all the while juxtaposing our experiences, giving them a different dimension with varying points of view, willingly or unwillingly.

    We observe and we are observed through apertures and gaps in our minds and hearts. Distancing ourselves from the scene and becoming spectators of our own life, happenings and relationships, we analyze, perceive, breathe and encounter them from the outside, from the inside...

    I am grateful to the people in my life, those who are close to me and those who I exchanged a look walking in the street— to all of you who keep me inspired and make me grow... touching my soul, perhaps sometimes unknowingly.