The Beginning


“The Beginning”

This is what I wrote at that time....

Today, I cried... I put my mask on, connected the airpods to classical music and put the leash on my dog…

The day is bright and sunny with that wonderful crisp and cool spring air.

I must go out early, so I encounter the least people as possible!

Make it short Michele… Come on Rusty hurry up!

Somehow, the music entered my soul… Every single note, every inflection…

I closed my eyes and felt the sun on my hardly exposed skin.

I yearned for freedom. I yearned for a simple life connected to earth, to ourselves, and others...

I yearned for essence!

And I cried…

I cried for you and I, for my children, my friends... For the dead and the sick and suffering. For their families and loved ones…

For the poor and innocent. For the mothers to be, and for the children yet to be born!

Desperation and fatigue inundate my heart!

The continuous and recurrent thoughts of the whole world being touched by this common threat, make me hope that this will be the trigger for that urgent and necessary change.

I cried for myself…

I cry for humanity... I cry. -Michele Krauss

NYC April 6th, 2020

Mixed Media 9”x12 in


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