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Triumph At The Museum: The Philadelphia Show

"PHILADELPHIA – The Philadelphia Show has come home. For the first time since 2018, when the show has benefitted the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s division of digital resources and content strategy, it now takes place on the museum’s campus, in a large spacious white tent prominently situated on the museum’s East Terrace and at the top of the steps Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, jogged triumphantly up in the movie Rocky.

Formally known as The Philadelphia Show: Antiques, Art, Design, the event, which was open Friday-Sunday, April 29-May 1 after a preview party the night of Thursday, April 28, fielded 42 dealers"

"Stephanie Lisle at Gratz Gallery said they had participated in the two online editions and were very excited to be there in person. She thought the show looked beautiful and that the organizers did an amazing job. They sold four small works – of six showed – by local living artist, Michele Krauss, and a large work by Leonard Nelson to an interior designer."

Revista COSAS, International chilean magazine. Interview By Manuel Santelices (January 2010)

March/April 2009 issue of Art Journal Italian ,Art Magazine

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