Awareness Series

Awareness, is a series of works, inspired by awakening and knowledge.

The power of truth, enlightenment and joyful path into the self. A rebirth!

 Knowledge, gives us power, and that power is a transformative positive energy, which produce stability and joy!

At the beginning of the series I was curious about “brainwaves”, which at the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors there is the communication between neurons within our brains. 

I let my imagination to go free with the interpretation of this concept, while producing with my brushstrokes, images to represent  these connections. Being physically, emotionally, spiritually...

Michele Krauss~

Series in development...

Contact for complete list of available work
Michele Krauss Truth is Power 24%22x30%2
Truth is Power 30"x 24"in, Oil on Linen
Selected for show curated by Allison Rudnick, Associate Curator Metropolitan Museum of Art
Available at Gratz Gallery
Momentum, 28x33in, Oil on Linen.JPG
Momentum 28"x 33"in, Oil on Linen
Available at Gratz Gallery
Brain Waves- , Oil on Linen 48”x 72”.JPG
Brain Waves, 48"x72"in, Oil on Linen
Private Collection USA
Feeling Waves Michele Krauss 40%22x64%22
Feeling Waves, 40"x 64"in, Oil on Canvas
Private Collection USA
Michele Krauss Together apart.JPG
Just Flow, 40"x 40"in, Oil on Linen
Private Collection USA
It's Not Me It's You
It's Not You It's Me
It's Not Me It's You, It;s Not You It's Me 
Diptych  Oil on Ampersand Archival Museum Panel.
Each panel is  20"X16" in.  Together: 20"X 32"in. 
Michele Krauss, From my Core 40%22x40%22
From My Core 40"x 40"in, Oil on Linen
Private Collection Indonesia
Michele Krauss Together Apart 24%22x30%2
Together Apart 24"x 30"in, Oil on Canvas
Gamma Waves- 48”x 72”
Gamma Waves, 48"x72"in, Oil on Linen
Private Collection USA
Michele Krauss, Through Time, 40%22x40%2
Through Time 40"x 40"in, Oil on Linen
Corporate  Collection USA
Michele Krauss Grow Oil on wood board 24"x6"in.JPG
Grow 24"x 6"in, Oil on Wood Board
Michele Krauss, In Motion, 40"x40" oil on canvas.JPG
In Motion 40"x 40"in, Oil on Linen
Private Collection USA
Make Up Your Mind, oil on wood board 16_x20_ in..jpeg
Make Up Your Mind 16"x 20"in, Oil on Ampersand Archival wood cradled panel
Private Collection USA
Alpha Waves, 48"x72"in, Oil on Linen
Private Collection USA