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Wired Series

"New technologies have transformed the way in which we communicate. It is exciting and motivating to see how they disseminate information, educate, and empower the exchange, while simultaneously threatening to manipulate us.

Art is not isolated from the social and cultural context; it participates in and transforms it.

By intertwining concepts, feelings, and ideas, we can communicate on different levels and in various ways. This is how, while working on wooden boards or canvases, I blend different materials such as oil paints, wires, and sand. Creating allegorical landscapes, I represent how we connect with each other through communication, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual."


Michele Krauss~

Contact for complete list of available work
Miscommunications, 16"x16"in Oil,  Sand and Wires  on Museum Archival Ampersand Wood Panel.
Shown at Group Show, Greenwich Art Society, curated by Margaret Ewin, curator at MoMa ( Museum Of Modern Art ) New York City and exhibited at BWAC Gallery, Brooklyn awarded by Alison Hokanson, curator of European Paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Private Collection, USA
Reach Up
Reach Up, Oil,  Sand and Wires on Museum Archival Ampersand Wood Panel.
Selected and curated at a group show by Metropolitan Museum of Art Assistant Curator Beth Sanders.
Private Collection, USA
SOLD Private collection USA Fondly Wired
Fondly Wired, 16"x20", Oil, Sand & Wires on Ampersand Wood Panel.
Private collection USA  Shown at Citi DeFord Gallery. Curator: Elizabeth Hoy, Director of the Godwin-Ternback Museum
Re Coded_ 48x48 in_ Oil, Sand and Wires
Re Coded,  48"x48" in, Oil, Sand and Wires on Canvas 
Shown at BWAC Art Gallery, Brooklyn New York. Curated by Lilian Tone, curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) 
Private Collection Germany
Connect Me.jpeg

Connect Me, 48"x48" in, Oil,  Sand and Wires  on Canvas

Shown in a group show at BWAC gallery, curated by Christiane Paul, curator at

The Whitney Museum of American Art

Between Light_edited.png
Between Light, 48"x72"in, Oil, Wires and Sand on Canvas
Interconnected, Oil, Sand & Wires on Can
Interconnected, 48"x72"in, Oil, Wires and Sand on Canvas
#Instamood 48_x48_ in
#Instamood, 48"x48"in.  Oil, Wires and Sand on Canvas
SOLD Private Collector USA Streams, 48_x
Streams, 48"x48"in. Oil, Sand & Wires on Canvas.
Private Collection USA 
Will get there.._
Will Get There, 40"x40"in, Oil, Wires & Sand on Canvas.
At Galeria Artespacio
Transmitting, Krauss.JPG
Transmitting, 48"x64"in. Oil & Wires on Canvas
Interwined Loves 84"x52".jpg
Interwined Loves, 84" x 52"in. Oil, Sand  & Wires on Canvas.
Commissioned work, Private Collection Chile
Michele Krauss, Passion Waves, 40x40 Oil
Connections, 40"x40"in. Oil & Wires on Canvas.
Talk To Me 48_x48_ in
Talk To Me, 48"x48"in. Oil, Sand & Wires on Canvas.
Michele Krauss-“Tell Me The Truth” 48_x4
Tell Me The Truth, 48"x48"in. Oil, Sand & Wires on Canvas.
"Encoded", 48"x72"in, Oil, Wires and Sand on Canvas 
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