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Catharsis 2020

This series is very different to the rest of my work and the reason is experimentation and adaptation. At the beginning of the pandemic of Covid19, as a creative, I entered a period of shock and uncertainty… Everybody is affected and if you have a conscience, you feel compelled to react!

I entered a creative block. I felt lost. I was in fear…


As artists, we spend many hours in our studios. We are familiar with the concept of isolation. But at the same time, we also fuel our creativity in our outings away from the studio and by experiencing life and our surroundings to the fullest.

My heart was pounding hard, ready to explode with the necessity to express myself. I was ready to tell the world that I was alive and full of energy, love, plans and so much to do and say... I was bursting with creativity!

And that is how “Catharsis” started…

Some of these works have been exhibited at At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 60th anniversary edition of The Philadelphia Show. As well as “Heritage” exhibit supported by an Arts Access Grant from the Queens Council on the Arts, funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Greater New York Arts Development Fund

Most recently, the artwork "Too Much Heart"/"Demasiado Corazon" received the Honorable Mention at the 43rd Faber Birren National Color Award Show Competition.

Curated by Juror Joseph Henry,Phd, Graduate Center and a Joan Tisch Teaching Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Diamonstein-Spielvogel Fellow at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Department of Drawings and Prints.

Click catalogue image for more Catharsis artworks!

"Too Much Heart"
Honorable Mention Faber Birren National Color Award

Demasiado Corazon 19_x24_in  Acrylic on Archival Polyester Film
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